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Cheap pen bodycam is also an actual pen.

So I was looking into body cameras and recently got one I thought was worth talking about, it's the amazon recommended choice and I was surprised at how well it works.

this pen camera by leeboom is one of dozens of cheap models made in china and despite that it's actually decent.

sturdy build quality (unusual for china).
comes with everything already
can record up to 2.5 hours of HD video
doubles as an actual pen
is Inconspicuous
Simple operation
Also records audio
Indicator light is on the side of the pen that faces the shirt if in a shirt pocket, opposite the camera and mic. (also doubles as reset switch)
has a sliding camera cover.

Minimal help
takes getting used to
camera is a standard HD webcam/cellphone type and doesn't support very low light situations well.
Records in AVI format.
Doesn't appear to have an indicator when things are full so make sure to either carry more micro SD cards or just empty the drive when not in use.
Be aware, when it's full it deletes the oldest file on the drive so again, Empty the body camera of data when not in use.

Image 1: Pen camera fully assembled
[Image: dVLhtpyl.jpg]

Image 2: Inside showing USB data/charging port and micro SD card in slot
[Image: s7Y3GiEl.jpg]

Image 3: camera is on the pen clip.
[Image: F3v3nbIl.jpg]

It surprised me with how well it works despite it's price, $35 USD may seem like a lot, and I got it using my amazon points, however when you consider the above pro's and con's $35 is actually pretty cheap for what amounts to a tiny inconspicuous camera you can wear in situations you may want one in without drawing attention to yourself.

so what do you guys think?, paranoid though it may be, I for one feel a lot better being out in public with the ability to record a situation and prevent false accusations, doubly so as a guy given then #Metoo movement unintentionally caused a bunch of false claims to be mixed in with actual legitimate ones.

Plus it feels a bit like a james bond device, wish I had my own agent Q lol.

alternative uses for this (since it's also a pen) could be things like recording lectures, taking audio/video notes, and of course making records of incidents if you're working with machines or something goes horribly wrong in an experiment.
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