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I'm pretty sure there's a problem with the plugin? Or is it custom made?
Because i didn't get a notice although someone did add a comment on my profile.
I'll check it out promptly. I might be using an outdated version of the plugin.

Thanks for reporting the bug. - Our next project...
No problem and btw i "left" a comment on your profile but you probably didn't get a notice for it. Tongue
It might also be the custom profiles. I think I need to overhaul those again. The new plugins that have been installed seem to be messing with the custom profile layout. - Our next project...
I don't think that this is it for the comments plugin because it's missing specific feautures. Check if it's an outdated version?
I downloaded the one from here ( ) but that doesn't seem to have been updated for a long time. Is there another version on github or another plugin site somewhere? - Our next project...
Let me see which I'm using on PZ Wink
Edit: Yes that's it. I wonder why their different :S
I just checked, and it turned out to be an overlooked, misconfigured setting. It should at least alert on new comments now.

I'll have to check out the other issues, there might be something more going on. - Our next project...
Awesome. And there is. We should be able to reply to the other profile automatically by just clicking "reply" but it's not working.
I'll have to look into that today. For some reason I've run into quite a few strange bugs regarding plugins lately. - Our next project...

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