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What are your computer specifications?

This thread is pretty self-explanatory. What are your computer specifications?

2.7ghz dual-core athlon
6GB of RAM
1TB hard drive
Dual-boot of Ubuntu and Windows 7
1600x900 LCD
GTS250 1GB graphics

I'm actually on a quad core AMD at nearly 3 ghz per core. I know a lot of people don't like AMD, but it's worked quite well so far for me. I don't know if I'd get another AMD if I ever need/want to replace it, though. I might.. but I'd rather be more open minded about Intel.

Anyways, 8gb RAM, 1.62 TB total hard drive space, Radeon HD 5870 and I'm using an HDTV as my monitor! As for OS, Linux Mint w/ Xfce D/E.
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Nice build Big Grin

As far as AMD is concerned, I have to agree. AMD isn't as high performance per core as intel is, but then again you pay much less per core, so I'm happy either way. I'm a huge AMD fanboy myself.

I have to say my next GPU won't be an AMD though... unless they suddenly update and fix their Linux drivers Tongue
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I miss the days when ATI was ATI, but it's been AMD for a while now. I have an nvidia, and the drivers aren't open source, but they work well enough. Too bad AMD can't do the same thing Tongue

The thing is, AMD is actively but slowly working to improve their Linux drivers. But they've still got quite a ways to go, regardless.
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I agree.

I think that often the drivers are there, but considering that everything that runs on Linux generally is open source, that can be a problem for many vendors who don't want to release their software as open source. I don't personally have a problem with it, but many linux users do, so progress is hard for vendors I think.

I have an nvidia, and the linux drivers work alright. I've heard that AMD's drivers are far from decent, so I'm glad they are improving.

I now have only 640gb of total storage, after removing my 1tb external HD, and removing my 500gb internal and putting it into an external enclosure. But I only really need 640 Tongue
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ASUS K55N-DS81 Laptop
AMD A8 Quad-Core 1.9GHz
Windows 8

I like Windows 8 somewhat, some stuff I don't like though.
I tried the 90 day trial for it, and didn't really care for it. The missing start button especially was a bit annoying. Hopefully the next update of Windows fixes that.

(May 22nd, 2013 at 4:29 AM)Darth-Apple link Wrote: I miss the days when ATI was ATI, but it's been AMD for a while now. I have an nvidia, and the drivers aren't open source, but they work well enough. Too bad AMD can't do the same thing Tongue

I do too. It was, for those who didn't know, a Canadian company before being acquired by AMD. Big Grin
Anyways, I know my desktop has 8GB of RAM. My laptop has Intel I3 with 6GB RAM. Fast and efficient for what I use my laptop for. Smile
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6GB isn't bad for a laptop. My desktop has 6GB, and it is more than enough for what I do with it. Big Grin

Got a great deal on the laptop too. It was $600 regular price. But it was on sale and I got a special discount since there was a printing error on a sign at Bestbuy, so I only paid $420 for it. Big Grin It's a Gateway model.
[Image: 3GnR8g1.jpg]
Not bad. I got a really great deal on my desktop, and besides the hard drive failure two years ago, I have had no complaints. I love saving money Big Grin

Too funny, my hard drive failed on mine, too. Only a year in, and unfortunately just outside warranty. Got a larger, faster hard drive out of it, though. Smile
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Funny that my recent hard drive failed too...
I'm becoming more cost effective though with my computer Tongue
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I'm stuck with a 5400 RPM in mine too, since that's what I could afford. I did, however, get 1TB for around $65, which was a great deal at the time. It's a very quiet hard drive too. Big Grin

I think I have around 750GB, not sure on RPM though.
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