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Has anybody here played Banished? 

If you haven't played this, it's a city-building strategy game, developed by Shining Rock Software. You start a settlement, and you need to manage its limited resources carefully, and handle challenges such as famines, natural disasters and an aging population. However, should you succeed at managing these issues, the town will grow and, eventually, prosper. 

I haven't played it yet, but it seems to be right up by street, and the Steam reviews look very good - so, I'm pretty certain that I'm going to get it Big Grin . 

What about you?
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I have!

recently in fact, about a month ago, I really like it's modability and some of the fun stuff you can build with it.
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Haven't played it in years. It was hard AF when it first came out. I've thought about giving it another go. Good game overall.
What a neat coincidence! I just played Banished again for the first time in many moons just a few days ago.

I agree with the difficulty, it's definitely a game where you always have to keep watch on how resources are doing, especially food. In my experience playing it, if you reach a place where you've run out of food in storage and houses have begun to run out of food too, no matter what you do, you're about to lose 10% to 50% of your entire population. I've also noticed that people will never visit other houses than their own to find food, but they will to get warm.

I took only one picture from my last time playing, of a fishing dock I placed that I hoped to be extremely productive:
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Well, thanks for the warnings about the difficulty Tongue . But, as somebody who plays FTL: Faster Than Light on Hard difficulty, all I can really say to that is "Challenge accepted" Big Grin . 

Of course, if I do run into any problems, and I need any help, then it's good to know that there are several people here who have experience with the game Smile .
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