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[Software] Discord and Microsoft

Discord and Microsoft Said to Discuss Deal That Could Top $10 Billion
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I personally hope not. Microsoft isn’t among my favorite companies, and they tend to drop projects after a few years or change them to fit in the office 365 sphere. That being said, Microsoft isn’t exactly evil either. There are far worse companies that could take it over.

The biggest problem with discord is their revenue model, making it hard for them to be profitable. They don’t really sell anything worthwhile unless you have a very large community. We tried to boost ours (Thomas and I did for a couple months) - but it wasn’t useful enough to justify the relatively high expense of it. Probably makes much more sense for communities with several hundred members, but for communities like ours, Discord is basically offering a free service. Makes it harder on them for cash flow/revenue purposes.

Just saw that... time to stop using Discord. Microsoft either ruins everything they touch, or mine the data to oblivion out of it. I'm trying to get away from them, not use stuff they continue to monetize.
(March 23rd, 2021 at 4:53 PM)Darth-Apple Wrote: change them to fit in the office 365 sphere

Nah you're confused with Discord for Business. Tongue
Well, I probably won't stop using Discord over this (unless all of my friends do), but... I'm not happy with this.

IMO, the web needs less centralization, not more >_< .
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Agreed with Kyng about this move; I think mastodon is an interesting step in the direction of decentralization.
Heh, there are open alternatives for discord, still it's Microsoft, if something grows big either they or Google try to assimilate it.
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