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MyAlert ad customization

Good Morning, I was busy with the Myalert notification today, and what bothers me is the display in the Alert (0) header, there shouldn't be a bracket and number, and if there is a message, then not such a stupid bracket with number
That's why I found some things in Mybb and changed them to that

You need to look at the template in ACP> Templates & Style> Templates (left bar)> * YOUR THEME *> MyAlerts Templates> myalerts_headericon.

replace content by this

<li class="alerts {$newAlertsIndicator}">
    <a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/alerts.php" class="myalerts" onclick="MyBB.popupWindow('/alerts.php?modal=1&amp;ret_link={$myalerts_return_link}', { fadeDuration: 250, zIndex: (typeof modal_zindex !== 'undefined' ? modal_zindex : 9999) }); return false;">{$lang->myalerts_alerts}
        <if $mybb->user['unreadAlerts'] == 0 then></a>
<span class ="alert_counter">{$mybb->user['unreadAlerts']}</span></a>

and add css into ACP> Templates & Style> Theme (left bar)> * YOUR THEME *> alert.css

.alert_counter {
position: relative;
    top: -7px;
    background-color: rgba(212, 19, 13, 1);
    color: #fff;
    border-radius: 3px;
    padding: 1px 3px;
    font: 9px Verdana;

add this css code and save and refresh your index page with so unread notification

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