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Biden said he thought Putin was a "murderer"

Somebody should say again, Trump is and was an idiot, Biden is no better! Quote News

In an interview with ABC News broadcast on Wednesday, Biden said he thought Putin was a "murderer". In addition, the Russian head of state will “pay” for trying to undermine his 2020 presidential candidacy.

Biden was asked in the interview if he believed that Putin “is a murderer” - the new US president replied: “I do.” Biden did not provide any further details and did not make it clear whether he might be dealing with it referred to the case of the attempted poisoning of the Kremlin critic Alexander Navalny.

Moscow: "Attack on Putin is an attack on our country"
On Tuesday, the US authorities published a new report that Russia interfered in the 2020 US presidential election. Moscow reacted immediately and sharply to Biden's statements. "Putin is our president and an attack on him is an attack on our country," wrote the President of the Russian House of Commons, Vyacheslav Volodin, in the Telegram online service.


Does the woman grabber want a world war?
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The political climate here in the states is extremely toxic. Unfortunately, those against Trump pretty much want the complete opposite of everything Trump associated with, whether that's a good or a bad thing. And vice versa, those against Biden are totally and completely opposed to anything he says or does, no matter how good or bad.

There isn't much nuance to it. I don't even think these sorts of things are really calculated decisions. It's just a "well, the other party was for this, so we're gonna be against it." - which is guaranteed to cause a lot of strife and division. We're a house divided. No house that was divided has ever really stood the test of time. I am sincerely worried America might not survive this decade as we know it, and I seriously, seriously hope there isn't another world war.

Regarding Russia, I'm curious on the details now. I haven't really look into it closely, but I'll have to research it more now and see. We don't always hear the full story from our own home networks.
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Joe Biden shouldn't infer others from himself, says Russia's President. The Russian ambassador to America has been called back for consultations. The American president had described Putin as a "murderer".

Russian President Vladimir Putin wished American President Joe Biden, who, according to a recent television interview, thinks he is a murderer, "healthy" on Thursday and indirectly called Biden a murderer himself. You always transfer what you are yourself to someone else, Putin said in a video conference with representatives of the Ukrainian Crimea, which had been annexed seven years earlier. Putin's spokesman had previously described Biden's statement as "very bad" and unprecedented. Moscow, in response to Biden's remarks, recalled its ambassador from the United States for consultations.
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