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Why are the many errors in the forum not fixed?

Hy Darth-Apple, Hy Admin and bosses of all kinds, unfortunately it seems to me that the make-station design is degenerating, none of the design works properly, Shoutbox is displayed as only the header and not at all in the default design, the default status Box displayed twice, and Selenium is a total disaster ;-(, neither shoutbox nor status box works properly, people people people, disaster !!! am I not used to you ... can I help with anything? I'm zero professional but extremely ambitious Blush

lg Tc4me

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The MyBB Default definitely has a repeating variable. I can't get in to remove it at the moment, but will try if no one else has later. I don't have any issues in Monokai, and due to the use of template sets, likely none in the Makestation series.

Selenium is still a development theme and I'm not sure its supposed to be available to the public. Undecided

As for the shoutbox, its been removed due to sparse use after the Discord went public.

Thanks for bringing these up.
Thank you for the report. Definitely seems like a very weird set of bugs. which theme are you using?

The "MyBB Default" skin is pretty broken due to repeated updates. We've never really kept it "up to date" with everything else. All of the others are more in-use and are based on the same templates. I'll try to do some digging to see if we can solve some of the issues on the "MyBB default" design too.

Good Morning ! 
Thank you for your intervention and troubleshooting, I use the Makstation Light, but the Shoutbox error is in every theme,
Deactivate the shoutbox or remove the {$dvz_shoutbox} or repair the shoutbox tpl
Thank you very much
 [Image: autism4all.png]
[x] <= Drive in nail here for new display!
I will get those removed right after work, glad you brought this to our attention. We’re still fixing some templates from updates, will be resolving some bugs this evening.

I'm glad you did it so quickly, perfect :-)
 [Image: autism4all.png]
[x] <= Drive in nail here for new display!

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