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Must have MyBB plugins

MyBB is certainly not bad software out of the box, but undoubtedly one of its biggest advantages is its extensibility and its great plugin/template system. Installing and removing plugins, and even writing them, is very easy to do. However, although there are certainly many plugins out on the market today, it can be hard to pinpoint the some of the popular plugins used by forums today. This is certainly not intended as an all-inclusive list, but I figured I'd post this for people looking for some good ideas for plugins to use on their forum.

This plugin adds a fully functioning xenforo-style alerts system for MyBB, and works quite well. It's worth considering for any MyBB forum, and the latest version is pretty stable. Just make sure to use github to download the mod. The author, due to the fact that the official MyBB mod site is extremely buggy, refuses to update the mod on the MyBB mod site. In fact, I don't blame him. I have never even been able to get a file to even upload, much less get a mod approved! Tongue

Page Manager
This is a very simple and effective mod for adding an unlimited number of additional HTML pages to your MyBB forum. It undoubtedly is a must have for any forum.

Profile Comments
Profile Comments is another one of those simple essentials for MyBB. It allows users to comment on the profiles of other members, and is definitely a very useful plugin for any MyBB forum.

Registration Security Question
This is a great plugin that will significantly reduce the amount of spam that reaches your forums. Considering it doesn't take much these days for the spambots to find your forum, this is undoubtedly a must-have for all MyBB users to protect their forums from getting mega-spammed by spambots.

This is a pretty simple mod that allows you to put portal widgets on a sidebar for your forum. This may not necessarily work for all themes, but if you're looking for a way to get the latest threads list on the sidebar of your forum, this plugin is for you.

Newpoints is a fairly popular points and "currency" management plugin that is used for a variety of different purposes. It is highly configurable, and many forums have found it immensely useful.

This plugin adds a "thanks" button below every post on the forum. I personally love the plugin. It adds a nice element to posting on the forums, and it's a nice way to "thank" someone for a post as an alternative to the +rep feature.

Someimage Image Uploader
This plugin adds a simple image upload form on the new reply and new post pages, allowing users to quickly and easily upload images in the post editor. It also allows users to select sizes for thumbnails and automatically creates the BBcode for them. For users who aren't well accustomed to using an image host, this plugin can be a nice addition to any forum.

Of course there is quite a large selection of MyBB plugins out there, and quite a few of them are definitely worth trying. If you have any other suggestions for the list, feel free to add them below. Big Grin - Our next project...
I have all of them on my forum. Except Page manager. I don't really need it at the moment.
I think that this plugin is worth adding to the list. It basically allows administrators to add avatars to the last post sections of the forumbit, etc..., and it a great addition for any theme. Big Grin - Our next project...

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