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Makestation - theme update #1

As most of you know, Makestation is running a custom theme exclusive to Makestation. The original theme received quite a bit of feedback, but there were a few things that weren't really ever finished in the original development. I'm now pleased to say that an updated version of the theme is now installed. I think you'll notice the difference. It includes...

* CSS buttons. Most buttons have now been converted. The remaining buttons will be converted in a future update.
* Improved postbit designs.
* A sidebar, with a new style for portal boxes and a new page layout.
* An alerts plugin that gives Makestation a xenforo-like notifications system.
* Some bug fixes.

This is a minor update, and there will also be future updates with more improvements. If you come up with something you'd like to see in a future update, or notice something that is fishy or out of place, let us know here!

UPDATE: We will be doing another very minor theme update in the next couple of days to fix a few additional bugs. If you notice a glitch or something that looks out of place, please don't hesitate to let us know! - Our next project...
I love the sidebar!
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Same with t3haco - love the sidebar! Big Grin
[Image: 3GnR8g1.jpg]
I'm glad people seem to be liking the sidebar. It actually took quite a while to get it tweaked to my liking (hence the delay in the theme update), but I have to say I'm quite glad it's not annoying and filled with bugs like the last sidebar was back when we were using SMF. MyBB has trumped SMF in pretty much every way imagineable so far. Tongue - Our next project...
The sidebar is great indeed and i really like the new buttons.
I've also encountered another "bug". Here:
Hope it gets fixed in the next update Smile
Thanks for reporting that. I'll get that fixed sometime today. - Our next project...
Awesome. It shouldn't be too hard, i think. Smile
Yeah, I'm going to try fix a number of different bugs today, including a weird glitch with the toolbar as well. For some reason that toolbar does not like me. - Our next project...

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