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Clare Crawley and the Bachelor

I don’t watch this show heavily, but I kept up this last season. And boy was it dramatic. They had two bachelorettes. They had to replace their bachelor mid season. Not actually a terrible thing, probably mutually beneficial. She found love and got engaged after 13 days. The rest of the guys in the house were frustrated and felt they weren’t given a chance, but Clare was right. Nobody should apologize for love. 

What happened next was more predictable than we would have wanted to admit. Spoiler alert: they broke up. And it was dramatic. 

I find it hard to judge people on TV from this show because it’s so easy to see where producers edit people to look or appear a certain way. It’s hard to tell who they actually are just from a television show. But that being said, I’ve seen many people come and go on this show, and I have some questions about this entire thing. Something isn’t adding up. 

1. Was the entire thing staged? Everyone who goes on the show has to pass a two week quarantine. They had Clare replaced after day 13 and immediately had Tyashia Adams take the roll. No 14 day quarantine. The producers were aware of this whole plan before the season even began.

2. Clare is (not surprisingly) bashing Dale ceaselessly. Dale is speaking well of her publicly and trying to save her reputation. Clare is trying to destroy his. 

And without knowing the entire story, I sense it’s almost a red flag. If there isn’t more to this story, then I can’t say it’s necessarily a good look for her. As someone who has been on the other side of that, it’s not fun and the bashing is often totally undeserved. (Break ups happen. It doesn’t mean either person is evil.)

It’s just hard to tell. Throughout the season, I almost felt as if she had an idealized version of who he actually was in her head. She has dreams and goals and desires and expected him to meet those needs perfectly. And in many fast paced relationships like this, it all comes crashing down because nothing in this world is perfect, nor can that be expected or anyone. It’s a sad situation that sucks for both of them.

And I don’t knock Dale for it either. Dale just seemed totally not ready, had no idea what he was getting into, quickly realized she was VERY attached and he didn’t want to break her. So he went head on, tried his best, and realized the inevitable months down. And he was being compared to an idealized version of himself constantly and was having to sacrifice his own goals and dreams to be that person she wanted him to be. It’s a situation I’ve been in, and it’s a suffocating reality. And he has the burden of being painted as the bad guy for admitting the inevitable. He’s trying to protect her. She’s trying to destroy him. So he’s got a side to tell too, and it’s a perfectly valid one.

It’s just so hard to tell. These kinds of breakups take a toll on both parties and are difficult for everyone involved. There is always another side to the story that we don’t hear, and the public slander rarely paints a true picture of everything that happened. That being said it’s TV, and we simply don’t know what transpired when the cameras weren’t rolling. Safe to say this was probably the most dramatic season of the Bachelor we’ve ever had.

I feel most, if not all reality TB is scripted in some way. Even if only portions to increase the drama. Even then, they pick and choose scenes, splice things together, to make it seem more dramatic than it might have been.

I have heard this one was pretty crazy, but... no idea. Never watched it. Tongue

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