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Good HTML5 games

With the demise of Flash, I think it's time we had a thread for people to recommend good HTML5 games, which can replace any Flash games that people used to play, but no longer can Tongue .

I'll start with a couple of Pac-Man games. As you might expect from such an iconic game, there are quite a lot of HTML5 versions of Pac-Man out there. Sadly, many of them seem to be pretty lousy: a lot of them are missing key gameplay components altogether (the fruit being a common example of this). However, I did eventually find a good one, which did have the fruit, and everything else that a good Pac-Man game needs to have:

HTML5 Pac-Man

So far, this is the most faithful recreation of the arcade original that I can find. However, I will mention that it's quite a bit easier than the version I'm used to: the pace of the game is slower, the ghosts stay vulnerable for longer, and you get extra lives more frequently. As a result, I got up to level 15 on my first attempt (and then I didn't die: I just stopped because the game was no longer challenging me!)

As for Ms Pac-Man, there aren't as many of those; however, finding a good-quality one was actually easier:

HTML5 Ms Pac-Man

I will warn you, however, that this is a faster-paced game than the Pac-Man recreation that I linked above - and the difficulty ramps up rather quickly!

So, do you have any more that you'd like to recommend?
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I didn't know HTML5 games had ever taken off. It makes sense. JS + HTML5 has offered a lot. Perhaps even more functionality than the highly legacy flash format.

Nothing will ever replace the nostalgia of all of the flash content that ruled the web for many years. Apple killed it with their failure to include it on the iPhone. It was arguably for good reason (HTML5 was a much better and more suitable replacement), but it still goes to show how much influence the big tech players truly have in the landscape of the web of today.


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