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Ocean/Default Theme [Community Poll]

As many of you all are aware, MS Ocean is a long-standing community favorite. It has existed largely in its current form since 2014, and we have kept it over the years as a nostalgic reminder of the design we grew successful with. 

In fact, our current default themes (and every single variation of them) is based directly upon the very same theme. They all share the same HTML/templates, and the variations are solely stylesheet driven. Only a handful of lines of CSS diffrentiate them from each other, as different as some of them look. 

But with that said, we were digging through some older posts and screenshots, and we wanted to address some valid, long-standing requests from the community to simplify the official, default design. The idea of going back to the drawing board has long been under consideration. Should we refresh? 

What are your thoughts on MS Ocean? Could you see a variation of it being present as the MS frontrunner? 

Share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions below! 
-Darth - Our next project...
I love Makestation Ocean! It's a very well designed theme and I'm happy you brought it back and updated it. You already know my thoughts on the theme situation though lol
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