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Deleting accts on services that don't respect your privacy

I'm *this* close to deleting my Discord account. Discord has an unknown but probably high level partnership with Tencent. Unfortunately Discord is essentially my only point of contact with many friends at this point since I've deleted my Facebook account.

I'm actively working on getting rid of my reliance of Microsoft services such as OneDrive. I used to be deeply ingrained in the M$ ecosystem, having owned a Surface and a Windows Phone. Unfortunately running a Nextcloud isn't feasible for me. I don't trust myself to be able to keep it secure and to keep backups. Any advice would be appreciated!

I also want to delete my Google account, but that will severely hamper the usability of Android on my phone. At some point I'd like to try running Lineage OS in place of Android though.

Have any of you struggled with doing this, or have successfully taken the leap to rid yourselves of daily reliance on these companies?
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Yeah, I'm trying to detach myself from a lot of the BIG TECH companies. They make it painfully hard, especially after integrating so much in the past. I'm keeping a few of the accounts, just to appear "normal" but there's no useful content/information that they don't already have that's there. i.e. I still have a Facebook, but haven't added/updated information in over 10 years. It's literally just to keep in contact with some people I wouldn't otherwise.

I've deleted other accounts that I can remember, and try to do so whenever I get emails from them. Bright side of marketing emails is they remind you the still have your info.

Little things like using Firefox/DuckDuckGo and/or Brave/DuckDuckGo combination to keep away from Google. Again, I still have Gmail and have a lot of employment related stuff I can't keep out of it for.

Now the goal is to stop getting intertwined with them and limit their use as much as possible.
@Thomas I took a different approach and only use them for what I have to keeping a second device and alternate services that can't be tracked and such whenever possible.

unfortunately it's not feasible or possible without hampering yourself to go completely corpo free.
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(January 15th, 2021 at 3:51 AM)Thomas Wrote: Unfortunately running a Nextcloud isn't feasible for me. I don't trust myself to be able to keep it secure and to keep backups. Any advice would be appreciated!

Wouldn't be too hard. AWS Glacier the backup, and keep SSH closed, and 2FA your NextCloud instance - if you can.

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