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[Debate] Does anyone know what's up with Darth-Apple?

Does anyone know what's up with Darth-Apple? Did I miss something? Haven't read or heard from him for a long time? Is everything ok with him? lg Tc4me
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Haven't heard/seen anything. Life may have gotten to him. I've been swamped with work and life lately too.

Not enough time! I'm hoping/assuming all is well with him.
Hello all,

I'm back. I got very sick and was back and forth between doctor's appointments and a number of things that came up. I'm not quite out of the woods yet, probably going to need surgery soon, but all is well for the time being. Finna

I'll be in and out a bit for the next week or two, but I'll be around much more after this!

Get better soon man, we all sorely missed your presence here in the station of making.
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Ok ok, all the best and get well soon
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Thanks for the warm wishes everyone! Been a crazy couple weeks, as I'm sure it's been for us all. World has gone off a ledge these days, but we're still here. Big Grin
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The main thing is and it's still going well so far, unfortunately the family had a death due to Corona, so I'm less online, Friday 11 a.m. is the funeral. Covid 19 is still on the rise, I hope for all of you that you can avoid this madness

Greets Tc
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Very sorry to hear the news @tc4me! Sad

Hope all is well, take care of yourself and know that we are offering our very best wishes to you and your family!

Thank you, 81 years is NOT surprising. Even better for him, his life was no longer worth living, and unfortunately the selfish society as well as doctors and medicine wanted to extend his life, but as I said, a life with tubes for ventilation and one for nutrition and lying in bed in a coma ... NO THANKS
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