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Record Collection

This is my collection

[Image: jfyq9x.jpg]

Far left is The Wall and the one next to White Blood Cells is Dark Side of the Moon.

Show me yours so I can critique your taste.
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Right now, I've got a couple Pink Floyd ones and I believe at least one Rush album. I don't have too many others.

I see you've got quite a radiohead collection. Lots of variety, love it.

I grew up with records and cassettes :-), My whole collection has a couple of 100 long-playing records and singles, but they're all still with my mother in the attic :-)

Queen, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Beatles, Rolling Stones, .....
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I have a few myself, along with several laserdiscs.

among my collection are Holst's the planets, Jeff wayne's war of the worlds, The Police greatest hits, I robot by the alan parsons project, the opera palliachi, and Fragile by YES.
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Nice collection.
My record player and records is in my mothers garage.
Among my collection is Queen, Beatles, Saxon, Mozart, Claude Debussy ...
I only own one record. One I got as a gift from my parents from Twilight Saga: New Moon. I don't even own a record player. We have one but not sure if it works.
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Quite a nice collection Smile !

I don't have any, but I expect my parents will still have some somewhere Tongue .
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