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Let's talk Watches

Last Christmas my dad gifted me his Seamaster Professional 2531.80. He couldn't bear the thought of me spending $5000 on a watch so he was like, "Here take mine." I'm lucky enough to live near an Omega boutique so I went over and swapped out the metal bracelet for a blue NATO strap.

This year I was looking for something a bit classier so I opted for the leather band and deployANT clasp. They both fit wonderfully and the clasp is super comfortable. I highly recommend!

[Image: 6rs7uj.jpg]
Watch on its blue NATO strap

[Image: h3q8pr.jpg]

[Image: c9mvxd.jpg]

[Image: 183a8z.jpg]

[Image: 7vg338.jpg]
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That's a nice looking watch!

I've never been able to do watches, I destroy even the $10 ones...
(November 24th, 2020 at 2:54 AM)Guardian Wrote: That's a nice looking watch!

I've never been able to do watches, I destroy even the $10 ones...

The secret is the $10 ones are the ones easily destroyed. Higher end is more durable.
(November 25th, 2020 at 12:05 AM)Thomas Wrote: The secret is the $10 ones are the ones easily destroyed. Higher end is more durable.

Therein lies the problem... I don't know if I can trust myself with anything more valuable. At least, I can't afford to test the theory (at least in my own head).
I like watches, I just rarely wear them. I have some nice ones though. I know I had a Sailor Moon one. I think at one point a My Little Pony one. Also have a Mickey Mouse one (where his hands are the hands on the watch). I have a pocket watch with a duck on it and also the one from Fullmetal Alchemist.
Dook, dook, dook!

[Image: Caludin.gif]
I have several, which aren't particularly expensive, but they do exist Tongue .

I think my favourite is a binary watch, which looks a bit like this:

[Image: mk66zoT.jpg]

Not sure if it's that exact watch, but it is that general style.
[Image: pkmb0Gv.png]

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I like my pebble watch, I've had it since 2014 and have had no problems with it thus far other than having to use an open source utility because the company got bought by fitbit and they discontinued support for the pebble line of watches.

[Image: 8Hxu8mBl.jpg?1]

it's a pebble time 2.

has a full color E-ink screen, a 5 day battery life that has yet to go down and is completely programmable.

right now I have a watchface on it that tells me the rise and set times of the planets and major constellations as well as the date, and time in 24hour units.

it's linked to my smartphone as it's a smart watch and I use it as a timer, alarm, extension of my phones PDA functionality and to control music when I'm taking a walk somewhere.

as far as it's functionality it's pretty limitless, among some of my favorite things for it that I've tried include games, a digital pet (think tamogachi), linking it to the camera on my phone to act as a remote view, making phone calls with it secret agent style, running a compass app on it, and using it as an on foot GPS.

you write code for it in python and as far as physical abilities it uses a magnetic charging connector and is waterproof up to 30 meters.

it's been my daily driver for 6 years now and I'm not sure where it's limits lie but since the company that made it no longer exists and open source options now exist for it, it's sorta like my hacker watch.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was possible to link it with a raspberry pi or an arduino or something as it uses bluetooth but I've not tried yet.

attached to it is a canvas wristband I got this past spring along with a replacement charging cable, it's super comfortable and the coolest feature has to be that you can actually add stuff to it.

see the wrist band connector also has data pins and you can make wrist bands that allow you to add hardware to it but I've not tried yet.
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