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How has your life changed since the pandemic?

Personally, I'm having to get used to staying at home except for work. All classes are online. My friend group has shrunk dramatically. I live in the same apartment complex as my close friends (we follow each other and move to the same complex every year. It's tradition for us.) We always hang out in small groups on the weekends, and our group has become tight with a handful of people without any outsiders. We've been able to stay well and nobody has tested positive yet, so we've certainly been blessed.

Besides that, it's been a lot of extended quarantine. We pretty much never leave the house. Life has changed. In a way, I'm much less exhausted and I'm in better health. I'm getting sick much less and have more energy from resting much more. I've had more time to dedicate to programming/MyBB related projects, and have stayed in touch with friends electronically much more. 

The political situation in the US has made it difficult to stay on social media, so I've more or less been on it much less. All in all, I rest more, have a few close friends that I keep in touch with, and otherwise stay home and save up as much money as I can so that if I lose my job, I'll be okay. 

It's affected us all differently. Some are much harder hit than others, and all in all, this pandemic has cost a lot of lives, a lot of jobs, and a lot of livlihoods. It's dramatically changed the world as we know it. 

How has it affected you in your area/region/country? - Our next project...
Here in Austria the situation is very, very bad again, the number of sick people is already increasing beyond limits. Hospitals are overcrowded, etc. But just like Darth-Apple, I and my children are absolutely healthy, less sick, rested. We haven't had any social contacts since the beginning of the year, don't bother me because I've never been and am a sociable guy. I have a lot of time for my son Ben, I try to further educate myself about autism, and Mybb and you here also fill my life a lot. I now come in the evening and very early in the morning to post, translate ... actually I enjoy you peace and quiet, and I am not annoyed by grandmother, Mother, Grandfather, sister, etc. ;-)
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