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Makestation World Collab Project

This project is about the creation of a fictional, and yes, Earthlike world with a rewritten history. I hope to get more people collaborating, because I'd love to see this take off. I was thinking we could first do a map of the world, and then fancy it up, decide on plate tectonics and that other stuff, and then start writing history. So if anybody has suggestions for a world map, then feel free to share them here! Also, here's a basemap if you want to contribute:

I think we should do a modern day map, based off of this:, and then decide on the tectonic plates. I think I also have a good map made by our good great and amazing cheeseSC4, and if he wants to share it, he can.

A little backstory: It was inspired by the collaborative world project at Alternate
I say that the story should start the day that Windows 8 was released on earth. Tongue

Nah... That's a bit ridiculous. Anyway, I really like the concept. I'll have to think of some stuff to contribute sometime tomorrow when I have some time.
Progress is (very) slow but steady on this. I have a map coming up and a forum has been created (which will be revealed later)
Looking forward to it. Big Grin
I set up a wiki here, hosted by none other than altervista. It's not very stylish, it needs a logo and some customization to be fully presentable.
I think a wiki is actually a pretty good idea. I would help with the logo, but you guys know that graphics design isn't really my thing. Tongue

Anyway, glad to see things moving forward with this. Big Grin
Just like Toyota: Moving forward Tongue.
We could actually create a separate board or section for this here at Makestation if it took off as well. We'll see what happens. Big Grin
Do you have a footer icon that I could use? I want to put it in the footer because this is where the project originated, and it's a great site.
Not yet, but I'll try to get one designed very soon. I think it's a great idea and something we could use here.
Toyota is "let's go places" now, aco Tongue
(August 5th, 2013 at 12:39 AM)cheesesc4 Wrote: Toyota is "let's go places" now, aco Tongue

I tried... I tried...
Sounds like a great idea, but I'm a bit tied up on other RP things, I could provide some help if you needed though.

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