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Euthanized a Pet

Didn't think it would be this hard, but it was absolutely the right thing to do. He will be missed like no other. Poor cat was crying like a baby. Never heard a cat cry like that, but I found out what it was like on Sunday, and it wasn't a pretty sight. 

We made the call to end his suffering the easiest way possible. He was obviously dying and in excrutiating pain (despite pain relievers and sedatives), so we decided this was the best thing we could do for him. The vet was shocked he was still alive when we arrived. FIP had been diagnosed too late for us to treat it. (By the way, if anyone knows someone whose pet is fighting FIP, have them contact me. I know of treatments that can cure it if it's caught early). 

Seems cliche because we all lose pets we love, but this one was harder than usual. Poor thing was much too young to die, and he had a force of will to be reckoned with. He refused to let go, even in his final hours. 

I figured I'd move on like usual, I've lost friends and family and it's been so much easier. But this particular time it hit me hard. I'm glad the vet let us be near him in his final hours (Covid restrictions usually restrict that), but it doesn't make it any more bearable. - Our next project...
o no, i'm sorry, r.i.p .... but you did the right thing, people tend to be very selfish and keep animals alive despite pain, but that's really not right!

All the best for you at this time
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Sad Sad to hear, but he has no pain now. It's always tough, especially since they don't know why they're in so much pain. Undecided
That was the hardest part about it. He didn’t think he was dying. Thing has a force of will to be reckoned with.
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Nice decision making thru out this painful ordeal
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Wow, I'm very sorry to hear that you had to go through this :'( .

It's never easy - but I hope it helps to know that you did the right thing.
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Thanks guys. Smile

It's been a rough few days. It would have been much easier if he hadn't had to suffer so much during his final hours. There is no doubt in my mind that we did the right thing by putting him down, but it was heartbreaking because I know full well that he did not want to die. It was just hard to watch. He was far too young.

It's part of owning pets though. I've been through it many times. Better to have loved and to have lost, than to have not loved at all.
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Given my exposure to veterinary hospitals, I've seen lots of things. I've been on both sides before as well. It never gets any easier to lose a pet, either through euthanasia or by them just going in their sleep. Never gets easier.

On the flip side of the coin, I've seen new puppies get born, and even assisted in a caesarian. A constant reminder that life does, indeed, go on.
I'm so sorry to hear this. =( Its horrible to lose anyone animal or human. If you don't mind me asking, how old were they?

We've only had to put down one pet. My sister's first dog. Even at the end the poor thing was fighting.
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