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[Community] Makestation Community RPG Night

[Image: 6gpFmlu.png]
what: Makestation Community D&D and RPG night.
when: 2X per month on Sundays starting as soon as we get a few more members to join.
where: Makestation unofficial discord: Roleplay subchat.

Hello there, Zalost here!  I'm speaking on behalf of the budding Tabletop RPG group that's formed out of a few interested members of the Makestation forums.  I'm writing this announcement up to let everyone know that we are currently looking for new players to join us as we delve deeply and greedily into dungeons, go on grand adventures seeking rare treasures, and occasionally saving the world from evil!  So far we're playing D&D 5th edition with pathfinder expansion and could really use a few new members to fill out the party.

So if you're interested here's how to apply to join.

First, you must be a member of makestation!
Second, you need to create a character.
and Third, post in the Roleplay section of the makestation discord letting us know you are interested or send a PM my way and I'll pass it along to our GM!

for your character creation, pick one of the available races and classes and build to a 20 point buy here.
information on available characters and classes here.

And remember, the most important rule of gaming! have fun!
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Come join us! It's a lot of fun!
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