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Coronavirus Mask Laws

What are the mask laws in your area or country?

Here, it depends on the state or city primarily. In North Carolina, it’s required, but a lot of people are refusing to wear them. (People here don’t like being told what to do Finna )

What are the laws where you live?

required with a hefty fine if you don't wear them.

I just wear this nifty cloth mask I got which has a circuit pattern and slips over my head instead of around my ears.

if I have to wear a mask, might as well look cool lol.
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Apparently we're opening backup. It's "required" by the governor to wear them, but its not law and most people hate (including me) so do whatever we want. Tongue
They should be required.
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They weren't required where I live at first but the doctor in charge of public health demanded that people where them other day and I've got some in my purse. I've got to wear them in kitchen where I work when I am cooking or baking. I don't really like wearing them because I find them hard to breath in on account of having a heart condition and I also find them very itchy after a while.
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