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All nighters

I've met a number of college students who have claimed they have gone entire semesters without ever taking all-nighters. Seems very difficult to pull off. During finals season especially, it's difficult to avoid them completely, but some say they can do it. 

I've also met students who take multiple sleepless nights during the course of the week. I used to be in that crowd and could do it with ease. It's harder for me now than it used to be. Finna 

Nowadays, I usually run only a handful of all nighters during the course of a semester. It's always better to get at least a few hours of sleep, even if studying into very late hours of the night. During exams especially, those few hours of sleep make a huge difference in the ability to recall information. 

How is your sleep schedule when exams come around? - Our next project...
Lol college
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When exams come around I sleep normally. I prefer not to sacrifice sleep if I have the choice. If I'm tired and know the answers, I'll forget the answers and also be too tired to figure out the answer logically if I know the process (or I'll be way more likely to make a mistake.) But if I'm well rested, I can usually just figure it out, or get an answer close enough and have enough written work to at least get part marks.

But in 'rona season, here I am, pulling allnighters just out of boredom every few days.
Night 1: Sleep in HARD (12hrs)
Night 2: Sleep 7hrs (approx.)
Night 3: No sleep

So that way I still average around 6-7hrs a night which is normally okay for me, I don't need a ton of sleep to be functional. Not to mention the amount of stimulants I can pump my body with if I need it.

But yeah. Don't sacrifice sleep for studying, else you'll just f*** up doing something in your tired state of mind.
I can function well enough on 3-4 hours of sleep, which is what I generally do. I can't do that two nights in a row.

Do you feel more tired after 12 hours of sleep? I can't sleep that long straight without feeling overrested. 7 hours is pretty much my sweet spot. - Our next project...
Oh definitely, I'm super groggy after 12hrs.
I actually slept around that much last night. Wend to bed around 11pm and woke up around 11:30 (so factor in time it takes to fall asleep and it's roughly 12hrs exactly.)

But that's nothing a coffee and tylenol can't fix. And since I don't particularly have a caffeine addiction or anything, I've cut down to the point where those 12hr nights are the only mornings I'll actually have a coffee.
I've done one. It was a volunteer night shift for the Elvis train.

Never again.

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