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Modernizing My Internet Life

Over the past month or so I've done a lot of "modernizing" stuff I've been too lazy to take care of over the past few years.

My website is now reactive (at least more than it was before) and uses https. I'm updating my blog more as well.

My personal email to my domain was always configured kinda weirdly. My domain is owned through Godaddy but my site is hosted by Mediatemple, and my DNS zones were pretty convoluted. I've got my CNAME back on Godaddy and my email is now going through the Outlook web client (my primary way of accessing my email), so no more dealing with POP or any kind of delay in sending or receiving emails.

I'm desperately trying to stop using Facebook but unfortunately Messenger is a primary way of contacting my friends so I can only deactivate my account rather than delete.

I'm also trying to decentralize my online presence from Microsoft services. When I owned my Windows Phone and was using my Surface a lot more I got pretty ingrained into their stuff. Right now I'm paying $10 a month for Microsoft 365. At some point I'd like to build a second computer as a server and run Nextcloud on it, but then I'd be at the mercy of my home internet reliability and keeping it secure and up to date myself. I'd also have to get my Plex server running on it. Right now when I switch over to Windows my Plex server goes down and all my torrents stop seeding. If I had a second computer to host all that stuff I wouldn't have any issues. I'd also get a ZNC set up on it so I wouldn't have to pay monthly for IRCCloud.

The password breach here has forced me to rely more on Lastpass and stop using one password for everything. This is something I should have done long ago though. So thanks I guess? Also please use https here.
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Website looks good! Nice and responsive.

If you're looking at hosting your own docs and stuff, you considered putting it on a VPS? They're dirt cheap everywhere at the moment. Or are you set on having it home-hosted? (is that a phrase?)
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I want it hosted at home.

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