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Pictures of lightening?

I found a gallery from national geographic on lightening pictures. I've always been fascinated with lightening and found a love of taking pictures, but of course trying to get a decent picture of lightening is a real pain because cameras are too slow.

Anyone else found any good tricks? I want to at least get one good picture in before the summer is over. Tongue - Our next project...

Lightning with tornados are cool as well.
As for self photography, I think it would better to not have flash on.
That's a pretty awesome picture.

As for flash in a night picture, flash tends to ruin them. I just put my camera in night mode, and that helps a lot, but it actually makes the camera slower to capture images to get more detail without the flash, and that makes it hard to get a good night shot of lightening. - Our next project...
Lightning is so fast and cameras are so slow. I guess it would be best to use a camcorder and grab the frame where there is lightning.
I've seen people try that before as well. It's hard to get a high resolution shot, but at least you end up with something. - Our next project...
Yeah. And the closer the lightning is, the easier it would be, I'd suppose. I don't recommend standing next to a metal beam with copper wire wrapped around it submerged in water in an open field to do this though, but its really nice watching close lightning strikes (around 500 feet away - it nearly breaks your eardrums)

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