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Tattoo and/or Piercing ?

What do you think of tattoos and piercing? Are you tattooed or pierced?

lg Tc4me
I've got tattoos. They're hidden (it's harder to get a job here with them thanks to a few certain people who are judgmental). I plan on getting a few more.
I am also tattooed, back, shoulder upper arm, covered as much as possible because of the service uniform, it is still difficult for us in 2020 as an official firefighter with tatoos on duty, it must not be visible, but difficult when pircing under the lip hide, there are still prejudices here,

i would now like to have a tattoo for ben on me about autism, here would be my idea

Autism symbol is a piece of the puzzle

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I have neither but I should get a tattoo some day
I currently have neither but I once did have my ears pierced once in each ear. I had to let them heal and close due to always getting ear infections.
I do have my left ear pierced and frequently wear a circuit board earring in that ear Tongue

why my left?

Because as my grandfather once told me...
Left ear means you're worldly and well traveled.
Right ear means you're gay...

it probably doesn't matter these days but it's been several years since I had my ear pierced, I actually did it myself using an old school method too, take a needle and tie a string to the end of it, soak the string in disinfectant and hold an ice cube on your ear to to numb it, then poke the needle through and cut the string leaving it in the ear.

move the string every day and apply disinfectant until it heals.

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