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Your suggestions - new board layout and focus?

Currently, Makestation has been a community that has been aimed at being a hub for creative content of all kinds. However, most of the creative content that has been showcased here has been related to software, technology, graphics, etc...

So, I was wondering what your thoughts were on reorganizing the community board layout to focus a little more on those topics, and to put other kinds of discussion more in the off-topic sections of the forum. I think it will help us to present a more clear picture of what we're about to guests or lurkers in the community, and will also help us to have a more clear direction as a community.

So, what are your thoughts? Be sure to vote in the poll!
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I think we should stay with the current focus; As far as I know, it's real hard to find a forum with the same niche as this. But then again, not much stuff is going on in Project Journals. Maybe reorganize it for now, and see if the creative part gets more attention, and then go back to the current organization?
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That is kindof what I was thinking as well. I love the niche of our community here at Makestation, and we'll definitely remain a creativity showcase community. Right now, trying to cover every single topic in detail doesn't feel like the right way to go since we don't have a large enough foundation to attempt that yet, so the idea was to set up a (slightly) more narrow focus and build a strong foundation from that vantage point first. Then, once we've built a strong foundation, we'll fully flesh out the other parts of the community. Of course the idea was never really to change too much. I'm more or less thinking of tweaking a few things here and there than a major overhaul.

Of course, we're still brand new, so things are still very fresh in the community and this is all speculation. I do think we need a clearer picture of what we are as a community, so I was just thinking we'd do a reorganization of the boards, design a new logo, then come up with a new portal page so that our purpose as a community is more clear to the general world of lurkers and guests here on the forum. Anyone have any ideas for a new slogan? Tongue
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I think the way things are right now is fine tbh, slogan included Tongue
it seems like people like the current model for things here, so the current model shall remain.
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The slogan is just epic, and the logo as well.
However the theme does seem a little incomplete but no big deal.
Mainly the postbit buttons..
Thanks for the feedback!

As far as the theme goes, I've been working on a few things over the past few days that will hopefully polish it up a bit. I agree, there are a few things that could use a little tweaking still.
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