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How is the traffic in your town?

I live in a beach town personally. Our traffic is okay during the winter, and awful during the summer. It's a lot of crammed roads with too many red lights, and bumper to bumper traffic for 30 minutes to go 3 miles. 

Otherwise, it's nice. Everything is very close. I could walk literally anywhere I ever need (and often do). I only drive when absolutely needed. 

I've lived in bigger cities too, and the traffic is generally better at a local level in a bigger city, but the interstates get jammed pretty badly during rush hour. 

What is the traffic like in your city?

There is hardly anything going on in my village, if it is agricultural vehicles that bring traffic to a standstill, they are also responsible for the heavily polluted roads, to the detriment of motorcyclists
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Traffic is almost back to normal here. Could barely tell people are trying to stay home.
(May 25th, 2020 at 1:15 PM)Guardian Wrote: Traffic is almost back to normal here. Could barely tell people are trying to stay home.

Yeah, same here. It was very quiet in March and April - but now, not so much. 

As for our pre-COVID traffic: that was mostly fine, except when horse races were on (in which case, the entire city centre would get completely jammed!)
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Here is much the same. I'm in a tourist town, and tourism has been down. Our traffic is usually very heavy this time of the year, but we're seeing pre-peak levels of traffic thanks to Covid-19.

Sundays are a ghost town though. Normally everyone goes to church on sundays, but churches are banned from meeting right now.

I live in Sydney, a global city. Traffic is, and always has been terrible. Virus did nothing.
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The traffic in my town would be perfectly fine if it weren't for the fact that they have this odd tendency to tear up almost every main road at the same time.
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It normally depends on the time of day here as far as traffic. If its close to meal times it does get a little crowded. It has been known to get like this around 5 PM.
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