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[Bug Report] Mobile view? Portal and index

Hy, I know the subject of mobile view meets contradictions. but one should go into the general public, because the largest part of the population sees itself first when he / she is away, everything on the smartphone, in search engines, etc., if the first impression does not immediately give a good picture of who or who hardly ever look at the page again at home or company pc. That would be a reason some things try to adapt.
I know I do your work, but away leads to the goal :-)

I took this screenshot on the go with my smartphone today
 [Image: autism4all.png]
[x] <= Drive in nail here for new display!
Shoutbox isn't meant to work on mobile. It's a pretty poorly written plugin overall (uses a million AJAX requests instead of a simple websocket) and when those requests are firing constantly, it uses a ton of bandwidth. Pretty bad for users who browse using any mobile network data they have (I'm limited to 500MB/month for example.) Also -- It isn't optimized for mobile either, so it doesn't display quite according to Google's Mobile Standards IIRC.

Portal is overall broken. Darth installed a new plugin for it recently, but it requires a lot of work before it'll be in any usable state. Sideboxes are one thing, but even on desktop everything looks cluttered.

We're open to suggestions regarding designing it since we're not really sure ATM how many users use it, how useful a redesign would be, and what should actually be displayed on the portal. I'd obviously opt for something a little more dynamic (i.e. users can customize their own experience by selecting what to display) but that's also quite a bit of work and requires too much database work to be useful for any time in the near future.
I use the Pro Portal. and Shoutbox works on the index and on the portal, even in its own box

Same smartphone, same browser
 [Image: autism4all.png]
[x] <= Drive in nail here for new display!

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