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which External Hard drive PS4 ?

I want to buy an external hard drive for the PS4, but which one?

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD external hard drive 1TB (SSD external 2.5 inches, 550 MB / s transfer rates, shockproof, AES encryption, water and dust resistant) € 160.87
Seagate Expansion Portable, portable external hard drive, 4 TB, 2.5 inch, USB 3.0, PC, Xbox, PS4, model no .: STEA4000400, 2019 Edition

or do you have a better idea?
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the sandisk will be way better.

seagate is shit. there's a reason they aren't actually used in enterprise settings. they tend to die before they're two years old. yeah, their warranty will replace it in that case, but that typically doesn't include data recovery, so even if you did get it replaced, you lose all your saved games and just need to download everything again.

sandisk is a much better brand in that regard, albeit more expensive. not to mention that one's an SSD, so it won't make any noise. but of course that also means higher costs versus storage size.

the one thing you need to note is that it might get limited by power, or the USB.3.0 spec in that case. when you're getting the 550MB/s read, you're getting really close to USB3.0 max bandwidth. if you're reading as fast as possible AND trying to write data (i.e. online games, realtime updates in MMOs, etc. or if you're playing a game and running updates in the background,) then you'll start to throttle. a new SATA internal drive will always perform faster, especially if it's an SSD.

realistically the rest of stuff like dust/water resistance, shockproofing, shouldn't matter because it's not like you're travelling a lot with the PS4. and every drive supports AES, it's a bit of a meme.
ok, i thought that SSD will be the better solution, thank you
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I have now ordered this, SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD external hard drive 1TB (up to 1050 MB / sec., USB-C,

should be ready on Tuesday  Smile
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