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How is your university handling grades?

So, I found out I'm getting put on Academic probation. I wasn't able to withdraw, wasn't able to keep up, so they flunked me on the semester and are putting this on my transcript. 

I'm pretty upset. It's the last thing I needed.  Confused

How is yours handling the pandemic?

Wait what's probation for you guys????
I was put on probation a while ago as well, but it was basically just 'you have two semesters to get your grades back up to X CGPA, and if you don't make it, you're out of your undergrad program (but you can still choose to study at take courses with some limitations until you can get your grades back up)
Like, most first-years were put on probation after first semester lol, not the end of the world, just gotta grind to get yourself back up.
Here, if you're on probation, you have to get a GPA of 3.0 or more on the next semester or you're kicked out of university.

The problem is that I've been on academic probation before. Luckily I got my GPA up to about a 3.0 after a lot of hard work, but it's frustrating that during a time like the Coronavirus, this is the best that they have to give.

Hello, as I understand it now, did you fail? d*** it :-(
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Yep, sure did.

There was no keeping up with it. They weren't very flexible with the assignments and I was working two jobs and 40-50 hours a week. Not happy about it, but I did the best I could.

I'm pretty much out of money, so I'm really hoping I don't have to drop out.

Horse Sh*t ,  BUT !!!!:
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Only a semester? Like, the four months or whatever?
That's absolutely f***.
We've got a different system at our school, honestly it's even different from lots of other schools in Canada, a cumulative GPA, or CGPA so I'm unfamiliar with your version of GPA, would that be about a B and is there an approximate percentage for that?

Also -- to avoid probation do you need to actually keep a minimum of 3.0 or do they just ask that you get up there, and then you have some wiggle room for next semester?
And GPA resets every semester too, right? If it does then that's not as f*** tbh

Cause for us, our CGPA score goes from 0-10.
For your final grade, you either get an F (0), E (1), then D (2), D+, C, C+, etc. all the way up to A+ (and A- being the only minus grade.) An A- starts at 80%.
F = 0-39%,
E = 40-49%,
then everything after like D/D+ are each 5% division, up to 90% which is the start of A+.

You get your GPA from 0-10, yeah, but we only measure CGPA, so across all semesters cumulatively. Add the grades from last semester to the new CGPA after this semester.
Although it varies from faculty to faculty, and extra variance for co-op options, typically you need a 5.0 CGPA to stay out of probation.

So if your grades tank a semester for whatever reason and you end up on probation, it's your CGPA that gets affected, and it's your CGPA that you need to bring up.
But all the bad grades you get weight you down a ton, so if you don't want them to weigh you down, you're basically forced to retake them (unless there are other special circumstances.) And it makes it that much harder to bring yourself up.

So yeah. Somehow I'm off probation, which is great because I'm planning a program change and need to be in good academic standing for that. But christ, it's f*** if it hits you second-year, like it did for me. All the bad grades over a year weighing you down that you need to make up for. Retook a couple of them, but also just took the L on a couple others which I might retake another time if I have electives to fill up, but weren't necessary for my program anyway.
What!? This whole semester should just be waived.

I'm hearing a lot o students are very unhappy with the way it was all handled by schools, going so far as to demand refunds. This may be a reckoning moment for some US universities.
Yeah same kinda stuff is happening here. Students aren't really that pissed off about their classes since honestly we all understand that it was hard for both students AND professors to adapt in literally a weekend, so profs also went a little easier on grading. I'm happy enough with my grades this semester.

But although most universities in the area say they're 'reviewing fees and costs' for students, they also stated that tuition remains the same. That's what we students are pissed off about. There's just a completely different quality between going to a class and meeting with the professor during office hours, and watching youtube videos made by the prof, attending a skype call, and throwing emails back and forth, all the while your answers get graded by an algorithm and you don't get feedback generally. Shit I'm not saying make it free, I understand that the uni has their own fees and professors have their own salaries. But hot d*** if it shouldn't be half-off or at the very least 20% cheaper or something. It's not like the summer/spring semesters are super full either, the uni can definitely afford to lose a bit of money during the semester that most students don't attend.

That being said, I do know that while everything is online, professors and students can decide whether they want to be graded as pass/fail (not contributing to GPA/CGPA but counts as credit/prerequisite) or standard grading up to a mutually-agreed-upon discretion between students and staff for each individual class. So that's nice, can really soften the blow if you had a really hard time adjusting to online life.
Unfortunately, the pass/fail system pretty much screwed me over. People like me who almost lost their apartments and jobs were screwed.

I'm usually good at having things together. I can stand in the face of a h*** of a lot and stay strong, but on this, it's gonna take some time to soften the blow. I might be around a little less for the next few weeks while I try to get things in order, but at this point, they're tryna kick me out of school. I won't let it happen, but it's going to take a lot of angry emails first.

Just been an incredibly rough time.


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