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[Software] Do you use smartphone messenger

Do you use smartphone messenger and if so which one?

Ich verwende Whatsapp 

I use Whatsapp, but a psssss quiet Shy (improved version Cool ), and also Threema  Rolleyes
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The only one I use is Signal, and every now and then when it breaks or needs an update, I have the fallback default app my phone has for texting.

I use other online messengers, but only log into them with the web browser (in my case, Bromite) because when you install an app, you basically give it full access to your system.
Even if you change its permissions, believe it or not. Read more here. Hence, I don't install many apps on my phone, just what I absolutely need like a music player, web browser, notepad, and some other utilities. No, I don't have Google Play services or anything Google installed on my phone. As a result, I can't use certain apps like Uber since they rely on Google services to work, but that's not a huge problem.

But I don't like the idea of Facebook or Snapchat or whatever other messaging companies knowing where I am all the time. Google is now releasing statistics on whether people stay at home or not, because they can get that data from Maps or just their system software, like any Google Android version. Some other families in the area are reportedly getting notifications from Google Maps or whatever telling them that they're going out too often, believe it or not. Their fault, honestly, but still, I don't need those pricks to know how I live, let alone tell me how I should live.

The thing with Signal is that
1. It's open-source
2. It's audited by a number of third-parties
3. It encrypts everything properly if you text someone who's also using the app
4. It uses internet or SMS/MMS just like Whatsapp
And it's not owned by Facebook.

Pretty solid contender, IMO, which is why that's the only one I use. Every other 'privacy-oriented' app has glaring flaws that make all their other privacy features useless, but Signal doesn't seem to have any at the moment.
The only ones I use are WhatsApp (for work and family), and Facebook Messenger (for friends).

(Also Discord, if that even counts Tongue )
I use text messages, and google hangouts for messaging friends due to it being cross platform.

I've not used whats app etc, though I have used facebook messenger to communicate with my sister who only uses facebook
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