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Reorganization in Progress

We're doing some Spring cleaning. Major reorganization is in progress!

We've grown significantly in recent years, so it's time for our layout to reflect the direction that we are moving towards today. You'll notice a lot of things are moving. Some boards will be in new places. Others will be new entirely. Overall, we're working to balance things out and to make room for the popular topics in the community.

How do you guys like it so far? As always, any feedback is welcome and much appreciated. All suggestions will be considered. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Smile - Our next project...
I am only with you for a short time, and I like it very much, structure of the site, modern, many players, structure, etc. the most important thing is the well-being, and that fits 100% !!! go on like this. tc4me
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Looks good so far! Though, I'll admit, it'll get used to some of the changes (like the tech board being further down Tongue ).
Thank you for the feedback!

I must admit, it has taken some getting used to for me as well. We've had the same layout since ~2015 or so. Old habits die hard. Finna

We reorganized it to balance out the sections more. We've lately had situations where 80% of the website's content gets posted in only a handful of boards, so this spreads it out more based on what is most popular in the forum. Some things will be changed as we tweak things. Should the technology section be moved higher up on the list?

Also, member of the month awards are coming in the coming weeks (Courtesy of Guardian). No official announcement exists for them, but this is a little teaser. Stay tuned for more! Big Grin - Our next project...
nah i reckon keep creative stuff up the highest, how it is rn is p good
It'll be nice to see what changes. Smile
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