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How many People do you Live with?

Three here. Two roomates, and the girlfriends usually stay here as well. We usually have about five people staying under one roof. It’s a small apartment so it can get a little crowded sometimes, but we do well and like it. 

How many people do you live with?

We are 2 adults and three children, we have a country house with a basement and 2 floors of 2852.44 ft2 and approx 1000sq yd plot  (leads 265 m2 and about 1000m2 of land) hope the conversion is correct
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My two roommates are my wife and daughter. They run the place. Tongue
Just my grandparents and the dog Tribble (a pommeranian).
We share a habitat home, 3 bedroom 1 full and one half bathroom, no garage.
mortgage is almost paid up on it and I was put on the title to stop my uncle's attempt at a succession crisis.

my sister moved out ages ago and my uncle has been banished due to his behavior (restraining order was required).

it's fairly relaxed though when I don't have to worry about stress, especially working from home.

but I do all the shopping and repairs lol.
also sysadmin, general technician, and tweaking the TV, radio, and comms antennas to ensure strong signal (we've a cell signal booster relay I setup after calls kept getting dropped, thank you hacker convention videos lol.)

and occasionally I fix cars, cook, and manage the garden... mostly the areas that aren't tended to by automated systems I've setup like mowing the lawn or trimming tree branches and stuff.

I really should write a post about everything I've upgraded on the house, because it's a lot lol.
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Just me!
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I had to move back in with my mother a few months ago. Leaving at the end of the summer again.
Before that and in a few months I will be living alone again with my cat.
I live with my husband and my younger daughter who is 20 and special needs.
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I live with my husband of 2 years because we just got our own place.
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