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Suggestions for [Simmania]

Have ideas, feedback, or suggestions for the SM-Tribute section? Share them here!

This section is in honor of a community that was an inspiration beyond words. It was so much more, and was the foundation for which we were built. Simmania is unfortunately no longer with us, but we've been growing this section as much as possible to try and pay our honors. It's a tribute to a community that will never be forgoten. Smile

Anyway, it's clear that we have quite a few Cities:Skylines players here. We will add some boards for this section once it grows a little more (probably once it reaches 1K posts). We've already got it at the very top of the forum (along with our special city journals section), so we've done a lot to try to expand this. Many thanks to everyone who has made this possible! 

Anyway, we are open to all suggestions here. This section is a high priority, so we will work hard to grow it. In fact, in recent months, we've nearly doubled the content here (and it shows no signs of stopping). Finna Big Grin

Please shoot your ideas our way! Makestation needs them! @brian51 


Thanks Darth for this post,,

I still have such great memories of the Simmania web site

Mostly we had some great times there..

Hopefully we can come up with some new ideas and suggestions to expand this section of he forums here

When i have a bit more energy, id like to start by updating my CJ here, which I have not done in quite some time now
Sports fanatic
Yea, it's a community we will never forget. In some ways, it's still alive in your discord channel. That's a plus! Smile

I went ahead and put the general gaming section of MS under Simmania as a sub-board. It will bring more activity to this section (and Simmania had a lot of discussion related to Minecraft and other games as well, so it's fitting in a way). This section is growing fast.

I've often wondered if it would ever be possible to restart Simmania as a forum, but Samerton is the only person who has access to it. If I recall, it's still up and he still has a copy of it online, but I don't think any of us have seen him in years?


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