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I just got mine. Much needed. I’m going to use it towards paying my final semester. A lot of folks in my generation aren’t getting a stimulus, but I’m lucky. I file my own taxes. Keeps me on the roll. Finna

You guys get yours yet?

I can't check, my banks 2FA seems to be broken or overloaded this morning. Tongue Must be everyone else checking as well.

It will definitely come in handy. I'll hold onto it though for an emergency fund in case things go sideways for me here. After things begin to normalize, whatever hasn't been used will probably end up in investments.
Stimulus isn't wide-spread enough yet, but the gov't is doing two things in the meantime:
- Working to get students listed for stimulus qualification
- Subsidizing Employers to hire more students throughout the summer, covering wages up to minimum wage (14$).

As cool as stimulus would be, it would also be nice to get out of the house and get some work done. Landscaping jobs are pretty fun around here. Yeah you mow the lawn and whatever, but when your client is rich and has a pool and is away for the day, you can take a dip with the boys and pass a blunt around.

But I did get a tax refund cheque coz I'm a student, and got 290.00 CAD back from gov't so that's going towards new laptop Smile
Haha they screwed over a lot of students in the US as well. Not on purpose, but most parents list their students as dependends on their tax returns. As a result, the parents get the money and not the students.

Luckily I didn't do that. I've always filed my own, so I got lucky... Finna

Good luck with the upcoming laptop purchase.


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