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Brooklyn Building Style

So I've been playing CSL for some time now. I got a little tired of the cartoonish look of the default style, so I started using custom ones. The Brooklyn style is, by far, my favorite. I use it heavily for areas that are outside of my CBD/Downtown areas, but still inter-city enough to need an urban look.

Check this page on Steam for what these districts look like. I'd share my own, but they are cranked all the way down on the graphics settings, so the official screenshots are better. 

Anyway, it's all low-density which is the downside. High density won't grow in districts defined as brooklyn styles. But I find that this gives a lot of extra character to more urbanized parts of the city. 

See this collection for adding this one into your own cities. There are plenty of other great ones as well. Let us know what styles you prefer!

Looks good for that need. I've had a wish for something like this in the past. Sometimes I want my cities to look like real!
This one is one of the most realistic ones I've found yet. The lighting is even realistic at night. The only downside is that it adds quite a few assets, so it's not easy on the RAM usage.

Looks good Smile !

A bit of a shame about the fact that it's all low-density, so it wouldn't be much good for my city centre... but, it looks ideal for the inner suburbs (as a sort of buffer between the high-density city centre, and the vanilla low-density buildings in my outer suburbs).
A buffer is pretty much how I use it for my cities. I’ll share some screenshots at some point. It works well for areas that are just outside downtown.

They have some that are 3-4 stories, but it’s mostly row houses and small apartments. Has an urban feel to it.

Some fairly well developed (mostly level 5) neighborhoods. Forgive my toaster graphics settings... Finna 



They look better without them being as built up. By the time they reach level 5, they are all the same height (about three stories), but I suppose that's realistic. That's how Brooklyn actually is in its densest areas (someone correct me if they're from New York and I'm wrong. )

Looks good Smile ! I actually like the uniformity of them being all the same height (although, I wouldn't want the entire city looking like that: I'd at least want some smaller ones further out)

I still haven't tried this out: I've been too busy with Transport Fever and other games Tongue .

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