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Shoutbox design doesn't fit the style

(April 16th, 2020 at 6:53 PM)Lain Wrote: Just a quick note, the last element in a CSS block like that doesn't need a ; after it, since the brackets close anyway.
I'm glad you noticed the possible improvement. Might be a small change, but each line there repeats "#shoutbox .panel {}" which is 19 bytes. So 3 * 19 is 57.
When you combine them altogether, you only specify the element once, so your website only needs to load those 19 bytes.
But when you do them separately like you did initially, you load 38 more bytes than needed, and although it doesn't seem like a lot, that traffic builds up over time. If you access the web page three times a day for a month, you use 90 * 38, or 3.5KB more data than if you write it differently.

It might sound small still, but little things like that are what people overlook when writing code, and if you combine mishaps like that, you can end up with a much more unoptimized webpage that not only loads slower, but causes more network strain on your server and the user.

If you're bored in quarantine, you can get Codecademy set up to teach yourself and your kids the basics of web development with their HTML/CSS program.
It's not the most intensive, but it's guided pretty well and you learn how to make some of your own projects. Not to mention, HTML and CSS are very easy to learn, even for kids.
Then, if you or the kids are still interested, you can go deeper with Javascript or any other languages offered on the site.
You'd definitely benefit from knowing it at a higher level, especially since you run your own website, even though MyBB is advertised as 'no coding experience required' lol

I used to hate Codecademy because I felt it never got deep enough, but they currently offer 90 days premium to students (after you upload an unofficial transcript or something) and they've gotten much better over time, now that I'm giving them another shot. Lots more features of languages are covered and they even have a course for C++ now, for the big kids like me lol.   Great thanks, we / I will do that. I need it anyway, but no matter, I have time and I can certainly learn a lot. THANKS FOR NOTICE
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