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Music Recording...

I used to do a lot of covers. Namely vocal covers and guitar covers. If any of you guys want to know what my voice sounds like, check out the link below. It's a cover of Distant Early Warning by Rush. Actually, my father and myself did it, along with some help from a couple friends of his. The guitars and vocals are me. The keyboards and bass are my father, and the drums are someone else. Not perfect by any means, but it was a fun hobby of ours back in the day.

My Vocals and Guitar:

We had a good time with it. We do a lot of them, and I want to get back into doing originals. I recorded the instruments for this track (titled Shrapnel) but I never got around to finishing them. 

Open to any feedback or suggestions. I'll be getting back into it in about six months!

I don't have any suggestions. Sorry.
I really like it though. You guys have a unique sound that is not found In bands nowadays.

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