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Personally, I'm the kind of guy who has no issue coming up with unique ideas, but when it comes to actually putting forth the effort and work to make them a reality, motivation becomes an issue. I tend to like projects that can be completed within a few weeks, and often far-fetched ideas and projects take many months or years to complete. Generally, it really helps me to stay motivated when I make it a priority and spend a considerable amount of time on a project on a consistent basis. When it becomes a part of my daily routine to do coding for a specific project, or something along those lines, it becomes easier to stay with the project even after many months.

So what are your creativity motivation tips?
Although I don't necessarily have any tips, I would like to say, I do suffer from motivation loss Tongue. I start on a project very motivated (like my MC mod) and then I just burn out in a few weeks. So tips would be nice!
That is precisely why I tend to work very hard when I have an idea I really like. The sooner I get a lot of progress done, the less likely I am to give up on it. Tangible progress is usually what I need to stay motivated.
I think just watching and seeing how far you've come is enough. As long as you can get past what I refer to as "the wall" which is where you feel no desire to continue the project, then you should be fine.
I think well... being a bit too ambitious can kill motivation too. If you overextend, you can get to the point where you can't think of anything else to do, and that also was one of the reasons why I stopped.
I'd say being overly motivated can help you get things done, but it's no way to live either.

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