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Xenforo's Theme

I've never really been a fan of the new Xenforo. Honestly, the old one was better. It was almost perfect, albeit missing a few things... but it was something new and unique, had just enough ajax to be worthwhile, and was clean and had some really unique and interesting features. 

Now, the new one looks like this:

I'm like... uh. That's not what it was supposed to be. Granted, nobody really ever uses the default theme, but unlike MyBB, Xenforo forums pretty much always look like Xenforo. MyBB forums tend to be made to look like whatever people want them to look like. But with Xenforo, you can just... tell. It's Xenforo every time. 

I mean, it honestly seems like good software, but all of the animations and extra visual effects and clutter in the design is just a bit much for me. I think they really tried to simplify it with Xenforo 2, but they made it look a little worse in my opinion. 

What are your thoughts? Have any of you guys ever used Xenforo to have more experience on this one?

I hate XF. I know a lot of people love it, but UGH. I've only been an administrator on 1 F forum, and that sealed its fate in my mind. I've refused to join communities I would have otherwise been interested in because they were on XF.
That's me on SMF. And to think we were once on SMF... Finna

(April 6th, 2020 at 3:56 PM)Darth-Apple Wrote: That's me on SMF. And to think we were once on SMF... Finna

Oh, SMF is an automatic no. A forum on XF still can (and has) pulled me in despite it. SMF... hahah, not a chance.
Is SMF that bad? I mean... I think years ago I made some test on localhost like on... 2012 so no idea how much has improve since then. Elkarte seems fine but a little to abandonated...

Ok, to the point.

I could say Xenforo is hugely overrated but nah.... since is cheaper that vB and IPB and vB is utterly horrible, been the most used option because price and product placement is not a real merit tbh xD

But been seriously. Xenforo is "fine" for most people who only wants their online community and doesn't have the time (or don't want) to learn medium/high html+css and just want something who works fine on mobile. Mybb is great if you have the time and pacience to customize it but not all people can and is just easy to pay for a "done" work.
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honestly I don't know about design wise but usability wise I know of exactly one forum that uses xenforo

and they've been using it for years.

not had much trouble with that place though.
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Xenforo is very good software honestly. I'm not a huge fan of the style (personally I prefer IPB), but Xenforo has worked very well for a lot of places.

I've heard of SpaceBattles as well. They have a threadmarks feature, which is pretty neat.


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