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White House Recommends Cloth Masks


People at work have already started doing this. We are always getting in and out of people's vehicles, delivering vehicles to sick people's homes, and so forth. We sanitize cars thoroughly with hospital-grade solution every time we get in and out, but there's only so much we can do. People have started making their own face masks because, of course, they are in very short supply. A number of mechanics had a supply of gloves and masks for automotive work from home, and have since donated them to hospitals (very kind of them). 

Would you consider wearing one of these if it were recommended in your area? I'm starting to consider it myself.
Weren't they and every health organization saying these are useless mere weeks ago? Even going so far as to say not to wear them?

The media and even healthcare leadership in this country flip-flop so much during this. It's ridiculous.

Honestly, I hope they become the norm like in Asia. I don't plan on wearing them after this is over, but it shouldn't hold the same stigma it used to. Why not cover your mouth? Protects you a little, protects others from anything you carry even more so.

I think they're a great idea.
the mask you wear yourself protects the others.
im picking up some masks from my brother on Sunday..

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