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Not getting exhaustd.

This is, by far, my biggest struggle as a creator, programmer, designer, or whatever else. I try my best to see things through, but it gets discouraging. Failure, especially. And boy, I've failed. 

I've failed running forums. I've failed designing things. I've failed writing songs. I've failed in Cities Skylines. I've failed in friendships and relationships, you name it. 

Life is about bouncing back. Life is saying "I'll roll with the punches. Yes, I failed. That's okay. So what, I can do it over..." And yet it's still hard to try for the 5th or the 6th time and to still be where you started. 

How do you approach failure? How do you bounce back afterwards and avoid becoming discouraged? - Our next project...
Coming from a fighting background (physical fighting, like sparring, TKD and some jiujitsu) I take the typical theatrical approach.
Start rolling with the punches and wait for the opening (and hopefully get lucky and seize it/throw your punch)
Then realize that it's not coming to you after a while.
Then get pissed off and try to brute-force it.

Note: Sometimes that step works. In sparring, getting pissed off and getting up in someone's face has occasionally paid off, landing me a great kick (full-force) right to someone's temple or something.

But usually, in the fit of rage, get your a** handed to you, making you realize you need to take it slower.
Think about it again, do it again but slowly, and pay full attention.
Then win the fight (or stay alive long enough for the timer to run down).

For things not fighting-related....
If I still can't get it by then, I do exhaust myself mentally. Can't push through after that. Sure, surrendering isn't a glorious option, but sometimes you're just not cut out for something.

And if your full physical and mental capabilities cannot do something considered basic in a certain field (i.e. learning to program a website or something with straight HTML), then you probably just aren't cut-out for the task and I reckon you invest more time in something you DO have the capability to do. Simple as. Best not to waste your time trying to be a long-jump champion if your upper body strength will get you a champion title in shot-put.

Unless, of course, you're doing something for fun. But if you're doing it for fun, then why are you getting discouraged in the first place?

If you can't tell, I'm not an advocate for the whole 'Everyone Can Code' movements or whatever haha. Sure, people can get better at programming with practice, but if they just can't wrap their heads around programming concepts (and then by extension can't understand language syntax), then they really aren't fit for learning to code and shouldn't be pushed to do it.
I believe almost everyone is cut out for almost anything. But there are always some things that are easier for one person than they are for another. I could try and spend my whole life trying to learn to play sports. I would never be as good as someone who is more cut out for it, but I do know how to program.

A dream is a dream. And sometimes that passion can take you a lot further than you expected. You can learn to be cut out for things that you weren't before. Even if you had to put twice as much effort into it as someone else, it can usually be done.

That said, "aces in their places" as they say. Stick to what you're good at, some say. Finna - Our next project...

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