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We're switching to vBulliten.

Hello all, 

This is a Makestation Press Announcement dated April 1. 

After much time, thought, and consideration, we've made a big change for the community in 2020. It's coming up on our seventh year anniversary. As such, we're going to make a number of changes for the community. 

Switching to vBulletin:

We will be using vBulletin 5 Connect as our upcoming software. We've created a new theme that that resembles the one that we use today. vBulletin 5 connect offers: 
  • The exact same features we have today
  • Lots of expensive plugins, which means that they must be good. 
  • A CMS feature that isn't as good as Wordpress. 
  • Leadership in the forum software industry. 
  • Bugs that will generate activity for the community. People will report bugs, which will generate more posts on the forum. 
We're very excited about the upcoming conversion. Unfortunately, we will lose up to 20% of our posts during the switch. Some of the content that will be missing will include usernames, post counts, all BBcodes, and and passwords. We will be keeping passwords that are less than 8 characters. All other users will need to reset their passwords. 

Additionally, we're going to make a number of other changes: 
  • We're changing our name to SaturnMoon
  • Our new slogan will be creativity, leashed, LLC.
  • We're hosting on 000webhost. This will allow us to afford vBulletin. 
  • We're putting anit-adblock codes on our website. This will allow us to generate revenue, which will allow us to afford vBulletin. 
  • We're changing our theme to orange, pink, brown, and neon green. More colors means a better forum. 
  • We're merging all content into two boards. The first one will be the forum games board. The other one will contain ALL content from every other board of the site.
Among that, we have new management by the IBM Watson AI. The admin account will be taken over by IBM's artificial intelligence. Based on real data from world-leading vBulliten forums, we will have our artificial intelligence bot help us promote the community, post content, and make this place a more human and more inviting community. 

Additionally, we will be hosting our database on a server powered by a Zilog Z80 for security. Intel processors have security flaws. Simplicity means security. Therefore, we're now hosting on a zilog Z80 from the 1970s as an anti-hacking measure for the community.

Happy April everyone. Thank you for reading Makestation's first ever press release. Smile

...April fools! - Our next project...
yes of course and the earth is a disc  Big Grin

Happy April everyone. 
.dito..April fools!
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[x] <= Drive in nail here for new display!
I don't know what to be more excited for, vbulletin or 000webhost Love
No you fools the earth is a round square. Tongue - Our next project...
Square with round corners Big Grin
 [Image: autism4all.png]
[x] <= Drive in nail here for new display!
Hey guys. We’re expanding this.

We’ve decided that vbulliten is not suitable for our needs. So we’re going to do an integration between vbulliten and SMF.

The member list, CMS, and every third post will be rendered by vBulliten. SMF will handle profiles, registration, the quick reply, and a number of other things.

The first ever SMF/vBulletin integration of its kind. - Our next project...
[Image: giphy.gif]
Good luck with the migration guys.
LIES.... LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously we're gonna use a Nulled version and plugins stolen from and use the license money for vodka and nachos D:
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Sounds good to me @Plushy - Our next project...
paid forum upgrades when?
i need to expand my PM box at the low cost of 99.95€ + VAT or tax respective in your country only payable in Bitcoin or Amazon/Steam/GooglePlay/iTunes Gift Cards

thank you
(April 1st, 2020 at 3:08 PM)Plushy Wrote: LIES.... LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously we're gonna use a Nulled version and plugins stolen from and use the license money for vodka and nachos D:

Where else would you get it? Cowboy

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