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Forum signature... and maybe more D:

Welp I decided to resume digital edition. Not my cup of tea but I do what I can.
As an important note, I don't use photoshop.... that relationship never works up (?) So my main editor is Paint Shop Pro *insert a hipster icon*

Basic mask and some layer edition, the renders are few fanarts of my OTP (?)
I'm posting a jpg version since the png looks weird on a white background

[Image: QrfVVyd.jpg]

Maybe later I'll do more editions to post here
It looks great! When you say digital version, are these renditions of previously handwritten ones that you’ve done as well?

Thanks for sharing. Looks good.

The fan arts I have to render myself since there's so few (good) drawing of this characters together ;__;
Trying to adjunct the resources:
[Image: fleet.jpg]
Quite basic edition for a glitch/vaporwave effect for our Discord server icon

[Image: glichcueva.jpg]
[Image: fleet.jpg]
Looks good. Love the dark purple, and the text looks great. What font did you use?


[Image: fleet.jpg]
I love it. I might use that font on some things if I get the chance. It looks very good and retro.

I decided to start a Gallery on my forum for my edits, banners, etc so I made a cover, again it's quite simple but I really enjoy the final result.
And why penguins? Easy... I love them lol

[Image: ediciones.png]

[Image: fleet.jpg]
I love it! It looks like some of the Ubuntu wallpapers in recent releases. I could see it being a wallpaper. Big Grin

New work for our next aniversary podcast
The pictures were made by one of our users (here)

[Image: qsDPN9c.png]
[Image: fleet.jpg]
This one is the best one yet. Fantastic. Love the detail.

Wink looks really good
 [Image: autism4all.png]
[x] <= Drive in nail here for new display!
I like it. Makes me think of graffiti wall-art.
Im still practicing with more than 1 mask for the final picture, but I haven't mastered yet, like you can see on the circles are some merge errors.

So I keep practicing Big Grin
[Image: fleet.jpg]

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