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Show us your oddities

Cities Skylines is full of them. Unlike Simcity 4, it rarely crashes to the desktop, and just renders strange things instead. This is the official "show us your oddities" thread! (More coming soon, this will get us started)

Boulders in the highway:
[Image: 2dvqp.png]

The rare "traffic jam" or CSL's version of it... Finna 
[Image: 4uchH.png]

What the h*** happened here...
[Image: RihHu.png]

For anything in Simcity or Cities Skylines, if there's something that looks like a glitch or otherwise looks strange, share it here! - Our next project...
"Rare" traffic jam? I get them way too often. Tongue
My roads will be completely in the red on the traffic panel and I’ll not see the traffic jam really pile up. I suppose that TMPE has something to do with that. Finna

My PC is not good enough to really handle it. They just despawn. - Our next project...
Looks beautiful. I'm going to give this game a go!
(April 11th, 2020 at 10:37 PM)MofaMF Wrote: Looks beautiful. I'm going to give this game a go!

It's addicting, I'll warn you. It's like Simcity, but far better. Finna

I'm running my game on a toaster. The graphics are much better on a more recent machine, even if it's just integrated graphics. - Our next project...
(April 11th, 2020 at 10:37 PM)MofaMF Wrote: Looks beautiful. I'm going to give this game a go!
An absolute MUST if you like city-builders!
Get some good mods too. It's a highly extensible game! - Our next project...
Here's a weird (but quite pretty) oddity in the 'Leisure' view:

[Image: 859A090EAEC55CFBC491F05672ED0E3848E3E659]

It's supposed to be showing in shades of red and blue - but, it just isn't Undecided ...
[Image: pkmb0Gv.png]

#ForzaJules 1989-2015
I love your use of highways. Very clean interchange, and it pretty much forces them to use it, which is nice.

And yea I've noticed odd issues like that from time to time too. It's usually not hard to get it in bright blue, so whenever widespread red shows up despite parks, it's kinda odd. - Our next project...

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