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The hellban

A hellban is the idea of causing a user to be the only one who is able to view their posts. It would appear that their posts have been added to a website, but in reality, they are completely hidden to everyone except for them. 

It's very common, as a matter of fact. Instagram does this when they believe that a user has gained fake followers, fake interactions and likes, or otherwise done things that are spam-esque. The worst part is that there is no way to really tell without actually having someone check for you. 

What are your thoughts on this? Would you ever do this, or is it better just to be upfront about it and call it a day?

Wait that's bigbrain AF
> "Put on these nightmare googles"
> ...
> Everything looks the same...
Absolute hellscape of a ban
That's hilarious, and could be pretty effective. User keeps doing their nonsense on their hellbanned account instead of creating a new one to try and get around a visible ban. Ingenious really.
IIRC, MyBB doesn't even have a plugin for it unless you go back to 1.6. I'm surprised. I would think it'd be more popular than it is. Apparently Reddit and Instragram do it a lot.

@Lain: Give me those goggles for the... Oh wait. Finna Tongue


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