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What happened to the elementary schools?

It used to be that an elementary school could cover a fairly adequate distance radius-wise. Of course, in CSL, it flows through the roads rather than being an SC4-style literal radius, but you could throw it on a major road and be fine. Of course, you usually needed several for larger districts. The 300 student limitation was the limiting factor, however. 

Some time ago, they must have updated this. Now, it barely flows through two blocks. It's annoying for low density neighborhoods where a small neighborhood needs 3-4 elementary schools just to cover it. 

I feel that CSL almost decided the game was too easy, so they updated it to change things. It's overall a weird update. Is this just some sort of glitch, or did anyone else notice this too?

Haven't played the latest update, but if that's the case... ugh. Schools already drive me crazy as it is.
Problem here is that there are too little schools so all the schools either overflow and have 35+kid class sizes and that's even when you get that tiny radius.
We don't have a student limit. I think the total number of students in elementary (kindergarten to gr8 when I attended) when I graduated was probably close to 1000, as a rough estimate (four classes for each grade, minus kindergarten, of 30 students on average per class, 30 * 4 * 8 grades = 960, plus the kindergarten classes)
Every couple of years the boundaries for who can go to a certain school change. Sometimes you need to get a transfer too, which also causes problems.

That's the problem with living in the suburbs though. I lived a KM away (half a mile) from the school when I attended it like 11 to 8yrs ago but the people who lived literally across the street (50ft) from the school had to go to a different school that was another KM away. Sounds counter-intuitive, but our school was just that packed.

And because the students were smart (mostly upper-middle class families at my school with a few upper class kids too) sometimes when standardized testing came around (every three years, gr3, 6, 9, called the EQAO in Ontario) the teachers would deadass tell the kids to not do so well on the test, because if we were ranked lower as a school then we would qualify for more benefits for the school, including possible expansions or more teachers to cut down class sizes. We had a total of 12 portable classrooms at the time, there (basically big storage containers that are elevated above the ground).

The big student migrations and boundary changes came the year after I 'graduated' from there (gr8, since the school was from kindergarten to gr8 at the time) and then only went from gr3 to gr8, while the other school that was half a mile away was for the early years. They've since cut down the number of portable classrooms, think they only have like two now, whenever I walk by or visit after-hours to reminisce of the time over a joint, but in the summer when the grass actually starts growing green, you can still see patches of brown where the old classrooms used to be.

Is high-school different for you guys in that sense? Like with the limits on class size or school size (aside from the legal capacities of a building or room in specific, of course, as mandated by building-safety laws). Coz ours was initially, but still had like 1700 students in the early couple years I was there, then they got a grant for a huge building expansion (basically doubled the school size) so naturally the student count went up to like 3000 with the addition of grades 7-8 (although normal high-schoolers 9-12 weren't allowed in that wing of the school.)

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