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"Shelter in Place" vs "Stay at Home"

My state just issued a stay at home order for the entire state. Any non-essential business will be closed, but supposedly, you're not on a full-level lockdown. At least that's what I'm told. I'm a little confused. How is it optional that I'm able to go out, and yet I'm "ordered" to stay at home? 

Apparently that's the key difference between a stay at home and a shelter in place order. Here, we have the same requirements from the government, but it's not a misdemeanor if we go out. In San Fransisco, it's actually going to go on your record. But on that token, so many people are saying so many different things that I just... who knows... 

What are the precautions being taken in your state/region/nationality? What's the difference between these exactly? #askmakestation #poorman'sreddit - Our next project...
There are fines in place if you are outside without a reason in the UK and the price is increasing . We have to stay at home but you're allowed to speak medical care and food supplies. If you're up to anything else, they're on you!

You're allowed to exercise once a day, only with members of your household but you must stay 2 meters apart from everyone else. You cannot meet your friends.
Ah, thanks for sharing. We have similar rules here. A six feet minimum. There are cops at many of the street corners, but nobody is really getting ticketed or arrested for it.

It's been interesting staying at home. On one hand, it's a nice break from everything and a chance to rest. On another hand, I need to recharge and socialize a bit. - Our next project...
The VA governor has done some similar stuff. They can say all they want but unless cops are pulling over everyone its hard to enforce. There are tons of "essential" jobs still and those people need to get around. Others still need to get food occasionally and that has to be allowed otherwise the "essential" retail workers would not still be allowed to work.

I do agree with self-isolation and staying home at all possible, but going to enforcement level in my mind is tyrannical.
San Fransisco and New York have more or less had no choice but to do so. New York City became an epicenter quickly. It's so densily populated that, I mean, what else are they going to do...

But in rural areas and state-wide, it's a bit much. Then again, that's what China did. That's what (most of) Italy did. That's what the UK is doing. We're really kinda late to jump on the trend in the US. - Our next project...
The high-density areas are definitely hard to manage. I'm fortunate to be in a rural area. I have 4 acres just for my family, and I can only see 3 houses from mine (2 across the street). Here, that doesn't make sense. Cities... that's just a rough deal.
we're shut down here, have been for days...

I was already kind of a shut in so it's not affecting me much but it kinda sucks I can't go to the arcade or out to dinner with my paramour now.

on the up side, I'm not spending much so tons of money is going into my jeep repair fund Tongue
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