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Have you ever gotten scammed online?

I got scammed online a few times.

Once I was hired by a person to post in a forum. After I am done with my works, the person stopped communication.

I lost $5.
That sucks. Were you able to do a chargeback to get your money back? - Our next project...
The deal was, after I finish my posts I would be paid.

Unfortunately the person stopped replying to me once I was done with my posts.
Ah I see.

Kind of sucks that they would do that. - Our next project...
I don't usually trust people that say they will pay you AFTER you do your job, unless I know them personally. But yeah, losing 5 dollars can mean a lot.
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I haven't done any deals like that, really. But losing even $5 sucks.
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I don't trust deals like that online, you don't know if they're a scammer or not.
I still work for people like that, but thankfully I don't get scammed nowadays.

The key is, to work with people you know very well.

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